Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe Security Screen Patio Enclosures

Protecting Your Home While Enjoying the View

We take pride in offering the finest Crimsafe patio enclosures tailored specifically to suit your needs. Our top-notch enclosures are expertly designed to seamlessly adapt to your existing space or create a brand new one that perfectly complements your home.

Each enclosure is meticulously crafted to be made-to-measure, ensuring a flawless fit that caters to various heights and span widths. With Crimsafe patio enclosures, you can enjoy the utmost protection from floor to ceiling, and if desired, you can opt for the inclusion of midrails for added security. Our enclosures are also versatile when it comes to access, as they can incorporate hinged, sliding, or bi-fold doors for easy and smooth entry.

Discover the ideal solution for your patio security needs with our exceptional Crimsafe patio enclosures.

Product Features:

• Secure your outdoor area

• Cost-effective room addition

• Unhindered views

• Custom design & built to size

In addition to outstanding impact resistance, Crimsafe screens also have excellent cutting resistance quality.

Want proof?

Watch the video of Crimsafe’s products being tested at The University of Queensland Testing Facility, to levels of rigorousness unprecedented in this industry.

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors

Upgrade Your Security

Secure your home with the industry leader in security screen doors – Crimsafe. Trust Bee Safe Security to deliver exceptional products and unparalleled service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a safer, more secure home.

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