Our Range of Blinds Include:

Ziptrak® Blinds ….. Proteger Wire Guides ….. Proteger Pivot Awnings ….. Tru Style Automatic Roll Up Awnings

Ziptrak® Blinds

Ziptrak® Blinds are a great way to block the wind and rain, without blocking your view. Ziptrak blinds offer specifically designed slotted side tracks, between which the blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping exactly where you want it. The blind operates on a spring system, meaning there are no “messy cords”. The blind can be left at any height or locked at the lowest position. These blinds can also be motorised. Stylish pelmets also available. Ziptrak blinds are ideal for verandas, patios, cafes or outdoor eating areas, or even around a spa or pool. Create shade and keep your view with Ziptrak blinds. Protected by the elements all year-round, create a brand new space in your home, with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary, you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors. Ziptrak blinds connect your indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space.


Proteger Wire Guides

A stylish blind designed for large windows through to patios and balconies. A self-aligning system, the ‘wire’ refers to the cables that guide the awning up and down for beautifully controlled movement and greater stability. Put simply, the Protéger Wire Guide keeps your awnings on track – even on windy days. Architecturally designed stainless steel fittings and cabling suspend and secure the awning. Wire guides can be face fit or ceiling mounted. Box in a balcony or pergola for year-round shade, or deflect sun from too-hot windows. Wire guides are manually driven via a gearbox and crank handle or can be motorised. They come complete with stylish hoods. Wire guides can span up to 4.2 metres in width. Xtreme Wire guides can span up to 5.6 metres in width.

Proteger Pivot Awnings

An awning which pivots from almost horizontal down to almost vertical, that is designed to deflect heat and glare while maximising light, ventilation and privacy within the home. The pivot awning is manually driven via a gearbox and crank handle, which caters for widths up to 5.6 metres and can project out to 1.2 metres. Comes complete with the stylish Protéger hooding system. A sleek, compact design giving you shade without blocking natural light and breeze.

Tru-Style Automatic Roll Up Awnings

Created for ground floor windows, the slanted design sits out slightly from the base of the window, inviting breezes while still maintaining optimum privacy and heat protection. Automatic blinds are spring loaded and adjustable with various locking positions along the guide bars. This puts you in control as automatic blinds are easily hand operated so you can determine how much privacy and sun protection you require.

Custom Made Blinds and Awnings

We use top quality Australian made Wax Converters Textiles Dynaproofed Outback Rugged Canvas and Senator 680 TS heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin Fabric, designed to meet the ‘heavy duty’ performance specifications of Australian standards. If you require a custom made blind or awning to suit your home, please contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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